Wednesday, 9 August 2006


All throughout Singapore early yesterday morning, students listened and responded to the "RECOLLECTIONS" as drafted by MOE
The purpose of doing “Recollections” is to remind us about Singapore’s past and reaffirm our identity as Sin gaporeans. As we read “Recollections”, we hope to reflect on the period of colonization, our independence and together, we look forward to the future with Singapore as our homeland. (see background on MOE site)

Students are requested to read ‘RESPONSE” aloud.

There was a time, not long ago,
When other flags flew In Singapore,
The British flag in colonial rule,
And the Japanese flag in war.

There was no freedom, no justice,
When our forefathers stepped ashore.
Life was a struggle, bitter and hard.
And families were hungry and poor.

They spoke a dozen different tongues,
Though their dreams were all the same.
But their hopes for a better life were lost
When war and invasion came.

They had no rights, they had no say,
And they longed to be free one day.

After the war, we called for change,
For the right to decide our fate.
Some of us wanted democracy;
Others, a Communist state.

Riots and killings in our streets.
Years of hate and fear.
People said we’d never survive!
As independence drew near.
When self-rule came, we took a vote
And Joined Malaysia, merged as one.
But even friends disagree sometime,
And more trouble had soon begun.

Our happiness was not to be
Until our country could be free.

August nine, nineteen sixty-five,
We were out of Malaysia...alone’
Against all odds we had to build
A nation of our own.

We’ve come this far, by ourselves,
One people from many lands.
Our forefathers paid the price for us;
Now the future is in our hands.
This is our home, where we belong,
And our flags flies high and free.
But let’s not take for granted
What we have will always be.

We pledge to keep our nation free
With justice and equality.

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