Sunday, 16 October 2005


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from left: (pics 1 & 2) bowling balls for girls @ victor superbowl. (pic 3) patrick the starfish basking in the sun. (pic 4) dashboard shrine. (pic 5) the auntie with the biggest block of butter i've ever seen @ marina south steamboat.

thereafter, we went kite flying @ marina.

after observing us trying to fly our pathetic $1.50 kite (in vain) for a good half hour, a nice malay uncle there (one of the regulars/experts) told us to give up on our kite and passed us his "killer kite" (with glass-covered string and all) which was already airborne. taught us how to "cut other people's strings" (with evil laughter and all). despite our initial reservations, it wasn't long before we "turned to the dark side"... the temptation to cut other kites down from the sky was too great.. as they fluttered innocently in the sky...

i think we made two little girls cry that day... when we cut her daddy's kite down..

i couldn't sleep that night... yes, i'm a kite killer...

:( i hope their daddy bought them ice-cream to make everything better..

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