Thursday, 17 March 2005

Fort Tanjong Katong 1879

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An old colonial fort, built by the British more than 125 years ago, to prevent possible Russian invasion from the sea. (The Commies!!)

A century later, the fort was buried as part of land reclamation, apparently forgotten, the surrounding area turned into a nice little park, and only discovered recently (less than a year back?), when this particular resident, living just across Tanjong Katong Park noticed bald patches running in neat continuous strips all across the grass and suspected a fort beneath (this area being just off "Fort Road" after all!)

A civic minded individual, he informed the National Archives or something like that and research, tracing records all the way to London, finally confirmed the existence of such a fort.

That began all that digging and what a splendid find it was!

So being curious and all that, I went to see it.. they're still digging and finding more and more stuff.. Isn't that just so cool?!

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