Sunday, 18 July 2004

the "holistic" weekend
packed this weekend with an unexpected assortment of different experiences and managed to think through a couple of troubling "imbalances" in my life at the moment.. like the fact that i can't seem to fit in any other activities in my life, beside work... especially since my working hours are not particularly long .. and yet.... i always seem to be so tired... 
i mean, can you see that i'm blogging a lot less too??
anyway, this was what happened this weekend (just for the record):
Sat: went to listen to a free talk after lunch on Internet business (which we left midway once it started turning into a boring sales pitch), then swung by the Success Shop at Peninsular Plaza and bought Be Your Own Coach (my favourite shop for motivation books that go for S$9.90 each).  For what it's worth, it was nice for me to feel that i had at least time to take stock of my life at this point and think about what my dreams and goals are and assess if i'm moving forward, back or stagnating..
then relaxed over coffee and cake at Dome before popping into the Singapore Art Museum for the very interesting exhibition by 40-something French duo Pierre & Gilles - Beautiful Dragon (presented by the French Embassy and the Singapore Art Museum as a highlight of the Month of Photography) - full of glitter, imagination, fantasy, and surreal larger-than-life portraits of beautiful (and occasionally erotically poised) males and females.  and of course for the series of strange concrete people by Taiwanese artist-sculptor Ju Ming (who also made the giant odd-shaped granite blocks obstructing traffic along the pavements of Orchard).
ended off the evening watching this thoroughly enjoyable play at The Play Den - Old Parliament House by Bud's Youth Theatre: 3 Fat Virgins Unassembled (written by Ovidia Yu).  Commendable effort by the youth group. *Applause* :)
Sun:  Dropped by twice at this random Food Fiesta thingey at the Thai Embassy in Orchard and stuffed face with yummy thai food.  Didn't expect to find such tasty food, especially the young coconut drink, fish maw soup and papaya salad.  yum... my mouth waters thinking of the food..
then went to Borders and bought 3 novels  (for the price of 2), to Popular to buy another really thick hard cover one (which weighs at least 1 kg) and finally to Tangs to buy a new bag to bring to work (so i don't have to continue using this other one i borrowed from my mum since earlier this year which.. err.. suits people of her age better?? :P).. retail therapy never fails... ha..
and i'm back home early to blog and will be in bed soon.. :)
till i blog again.. see u and take care! drink more water and remember to exercise!

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